YC18SR Mini Excavator

The Yuchai YC18SR is a 1.8ton zero tail swing mini excavator featuring a class leading 19hp Perkins diesel engine featuring a high flow piston pump and Japanese main valve for powerful yet smooth hydraulic operation. The tracks can be expanded out to 1350mm for excellent stability and the 2 speed travel motors transport you quickly around the jobsite. The machine comes standard wtth bi-directional piping and is well suited to rock hammer and auger work. Backed by a 3 year warranty with local spare parts support the YC18SR is a powerful digger that offers exceptional value for money.

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Weight 1850kg
Rated power19.7hp / 2200rpm
Engine: Perkins 403C11
Standard bucket capacity: 0.04m3
Standard bucket width450mm
Walking Speed: 1.7 / 3.0 km/h
Swing Speed Of Platform:10-12 rpm
Auxiliary Flow 30l/m
Boom swing angle (left/right)70°/50°
Yuchai YC18SR Dimensions
A Overall Length (Transport Position) 3835mm
B Overall Height (Transport Position) 2285mm
C Width of Undercarriage 1080-1400mm
D Width of Track 230mm
E Platform Turning Radius 700mm
F Length Of Track 1630mm
G Sprocket Centres 1260mm
H Ground Clearance 198mm
I Boom Height (Transport Position) 1215mm
J Width Of Platform 1060mm
K Height of Engine Hood 1265mm
L Platform Ground Clearance 478mm
A Maximum Digging Height 3360mm
B Maximum Dumping Height 2330mm
C Maximum Digging Depth 2150mm
D Maximum Digging Radius 4060mm
D1 Maximum Reach 4180mm
E Maximum Height Digging Radius 2765mm
F Minimum Turning Radius 1860mm
G Maximum Depth for Bulldozing 163mm
H Maximum Height for Bulldozing 247mm
Maximum digging force 14.3kN
Ground Pressure 27kN
Gradeability 30°
  • Yanmar Engine
  • Expanding Tracks
  • 2 Speed Travel
  • Swing Boom
  • Hammer Piping
  • GP BukcetsGP buckets
  • Mud BucketMud Bucket
  • Mud BucketTilt Bucket
  • RipperRipper
  • Swing BoomAuger Drive
  • Swing BoomAugers
  • Hammer PipingRock Hammer