Kubota RG30 Carry Dumper

We import all types of carry dumpers but the Kubota RG30 is a popular machine due to the fact it runs excavator style drive system. This means the machine is easily repairable if necessary and can be easy modified into drill rigs, spray units and other custom applications. Tracks, engine parts and machine parts are easier to source.

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Weight (Unloaded) 2,100kg
Carrying Capacity 2,500kg
Engine Make Kubota
Rated Output 32Hp
Transmission 2 Speed HST (2 pumps, 2 motors)
Track Type Steel Reinfoced Rubber
Track Width 320mm
Minimum Ground Clearance 295mm
Kubota RG-30 Carry Dumper Dimensions
(A) Overall Length 3,160mm
(B) Overall Width 1,700mm
(C) Overall Height 1,580mm
(D) Tray (l) 1,700mm
(E) Tray (w) 1,400mm
(F) Tray (h) 350mm
(G) Ground Clearance 295mm
(H) Track Width 320mm
(I) Fuel Capacity 40 litres
(J) Travelling Speed 0 ~ 11 km/h
(K) Cargo Bed Volume (struck) 0.83m3
(L) Cargo Bed Volume (heaped) 1.2m3
(M) Minimum Turning Radias 2,050mm
(N) Maximum Climbing Ability 30°
(O) Maximum Traction Force 2,800kg/f