Yanmar C50R Carry Dumper

We import all types of carry dumpers but the Yanmar C50R is a popular heavy duty carry dumper capable of carrying loads up to 3,800kg over soft ground. Powered by a 100Hp Yanmar engine with full HST drive system and reverable driver console.

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Weight (Unloaded) 5,290kg
Carrying Capacity 3,800kg
Engine Make Yanmar
Rated Output 103.3Hp
Transmission 2 Speed HST (2 pumps, 2 motors)
Track Type Steel Reinfoced Rubber
Track Width 450mm
Minimum Ground Clearance 435mm
Ground Pressure (unloaded) 18.6kPa
Ground Pressure (Fully Loaded) 31.6kPa
Yanamr C50R Carry Dumper Dimensions
(A) Overall Length 4,540mm
(B) Overall Width 2,640mm
(C) Platform Width 2,000mm
(D) Overall Height 2,675mm
(E) Platform Height 1,050mm
(F) Tray Height (Dumped) 3,470mm
(G) Tray Height (Base) 1,080mm
(H) Tray Side Height 300mm
(I) Wheelbase 3,190mm
(J) Track Centres 1,550mm
(K) Tray Length 2,500mm
(L) Tray Width 1,850mm