Multione Mini Articulated Wheel Loaders

Multione Mini Loaders

The smater choice mini loader for all industries;

  • 360° Visability
  • Articulated Steering
  • Seated Operating Positition
  • Safer Side Entry Design
  • Telescopic Boom
  • High Flow Hydraulics

Discover how a MultiOne mini loader can provide a superior solution to traditional style skid loaders and tractors. Our true "all in one" solution maximises productivity without compromising quality and reliability

2 SERIES - 27Hp

Compact Mini Loader with Huge Performance.

Small Mini Articulated Loader The smallest and most economical articulated series of MultiOne. This machine provides high performance on any surface. The articulation system allows the operator to drive the machine with total comfort, even in narrow spaces.

4 SERIES - 20Hp

Superb all rounder for light commerical work

4 Series MultiOne 4 Series compact articulated mini loader is a superb all-round machine for the development and maintenance of landscaped areas, perfect for gardeners, farming, private and light professional use.

5 SERIES - 28Hp

The Mini Loader for everyday use.

5 Series Telescopic Boom Mini Articulated Loader MultiOne 5 Series compact articulated mini loader offers a winning combination of performance and low operating costs. No compromise between performance, power, economy, innovation, technology and design.

6 SERIES - 28Hp

Compact & Heavy Duty

Compact Articulated Mini Loader MultiOne 6 series are the most compact version of the new generation of MultiOne articulated mini loaders. The incredible small size is much more extraordinary if compared to the lifting capacity of these small but powerful mini loaders.

7 SERIES - 35Hp

Versatile and Powerful

Versatile Mini Articulated Loader Multione 7 Series is the winning combination of power, speed and agility. The powerful 35hp Yanmar engine and the direct drive radial piston motors gives great speed and pushing force. The new frame and telescopic boom assure high lifting capacity at full height.

8 SERIES - 40Hp

High Torque Loader for every job

High Torque Articulated Mini Loader MultiOne 8 series is the best solution in the market for those who need all the incredible features of the new series plus high torque and high speed. Design features include a wide tyres, operator comfort and ease of use. Loaded with heaps of options in standard configuration.

9 SERIES - 50Hp

High Power + High Flow

High Power Articulated Mini Loader MultiOne 9 series is the best articulated mini loader on the market in term of best lift capacity-weight ratio. The 9 series sets the brenchmark in mini loader performance

10 SERIES - 72Hp

Superior Power and Strength

Heavy Duty Articulated Mini Loader Impressive lifting capacity, incredible speed, outstanding pushing force: MultiOne 10 series is the touchstone of the articulated mini loaders. Massive 72Hp Yanmar engine and 40km/h 2 speed transmission

SD SERIES - Rear Seated

Designed for Tight Turns

High Power Articulated Mini Loader The SD Series is the perfect mix between the strength of the New MultiOne platform and the versatility of a front seated articulated mini loader. This New MultiOne series is born to be used on farming but will be appreciated in every works where extremely tight turning radius is needed.
MultiOne Articulated Mini Loader Comparison Chart
Tipping load Power Lift Height Speed Weight Flow Rate
3WD Mini Loader
320 kg 12 hp 1,8 m 8 km/h 390 kg 19 l/min
Light & Powerful
580 kg 27 hp 1,82 m 12 km/h 700 kg 42 l/min
Light & Economical
1020 kg 20 hp 2,75 m 14 km/h 940 kg 31 l/min
Compact & Versatile
1140 kg 28 hp 2,75 m 15 km/h 1050 kg 42 l/min
Great Permformance & Small Size
1200 kg 28 hp 2,92 m 15 km/h 1430 kg 46 l/min
Power, Speed & Agility
1550 kg 35 hp 2,9 m 20 km/h 1690 kg 68 l/min
Power & Comfort for Tough Job
1600 kg 40 hp 2,98 m 23 km/h 1740 kg 72 l/min
Best Lift Capacity – Weight ratio
2600 kg 57 hp 3,21 m 30 km/h 2060 kg 95 l/min
Bigger & Faster
2700 kg 75 hp 3,21 m 40 km/h 2140 kg 95 l/min
The MultiOne rear seated
2650 kg 50 hp 3,21 m 18 km/h 2055 kg 51 l/min